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Editor : Dr. Jagdish Jadhav
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About The Journal

Indian Journal of Sustainable Development (IJSD) is the official publication of the Department of Social Work, Central University of Rajasthan and Publishing India Group, New Delhi. The journal upholds high standard and quality research in multidisciplinary areas of Social Sciences in general and social work in specific. It provides a common forum for representatives of discipline of Social Work, Sociology, Education, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Rural Development, Women’s Studies and other disciplines of social science and interdisciplinary subjects which shares an interest in the study of Sustainable Development. The journal endeavors to create a body of knowledge around the interface of various functional and theoretical areas of Social and Sustainable Development. It is expected to serve as an independent forum for the academia, social workers, researcher’s, civil society activists and development professionals across the globe to carry forward a candid and objective discussion on common issues and prospects of sustainable and social development. The journal strives for bringing out empirical and conceptual clarity to the social issues and challenges with the answer of sustainability. The Journal seeks to enhance understanding of the sustainable development through the integration of knowledge base, empirical evidences and innovative practices to contribute to the planning and implementation of suitable measures for national and regional development and policy formulation at different levels. The main priority of the Journal is to unveil indigenes and modern approaches of sustainable and social development to create a space for assimilating the both in accordance with the current trends that leads to sustainability in all spheres of human life.

The journal publishes Bi-annually in June and December of every year and each issue of the deals with the broad sphere of sustainable development.

IJSD shall publish contributions in the following categories:
  • Articles
  • Research Paper/Original papers
  • Brief Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Book  Reviews
  • Civil Society Profiles

Current Issue

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2020
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